Half a Century

Half a Century

October 23, 2012, when I can have my cake and eat it, too. My heart goes to all who made that surprise party possible.


Crochet Creation

Created in an hour, this headband was waiting to adorn her head. It is very fulfilling to see something like this unfold before your eyes. Thread and crochet needle and a little imagination is all you need. The readiness to understand your mistakes and the tenacity (of the thread and you) to do it all over again are important, too.

About 150 kilometers to and back, the road to Jalajala was unexpectedly long. I thought it would just be a short drive from Quezon City, thinking it must not be too far away from Antipolo, Rizal.

About 75 kilometers from Manila, this Rizal town is at the eastern tip of the peninsula and faces the largest lake in the country, the Laguna Lake. (www.maplandia.com)

Clueless as to where and how far exactly Jalajala was (because I didn’t care to find out since I wasn’t driving), I left it all to another lady who was behind the wheel, Gorgeous Gaea, to go with the flow—we were third in the convoy.

The 75-kilometer drive brought us first to Antipolo, down to Teresa, then Morong, to Pililia, and finally to Jalajala. (www.i-googlemap.com)

We were to visit two locations in the town’s first barangay, Bagumbong, to bring some relief goods to those affected by the monsoon rains a few weeks back. Some  homes were waist-deep in flood still.

This home in Bagumbong now opens to the splashing waves of the Laguna Lake. (Deedee)

Roberto was happy about the day as it unfolded. He didn’t know some help was coming. For his brood of five who were still in an evacuation center, he lined up for some relief goods together with his neighbors.

Roberto holds his numbered ticket to assure him a spot in the queue. (Deedee)

Grateful for the opportunity to be in their midst. Thank you to ADZUMMAA.

I look at her and I see hope, faith, and courage. And why not? Grace has been through trials and troubles, but you see her around, on her feet and with such grace. Her smile is window to her soul—desiring only what can liberate, empower, and perfect another soul. Thank you, Grace, for the privilege of having met you and for the gift of the human being that you are.


The Fortune of Family. Parents and siblings are wealth.

My Own Family. Children, grandchildren are wealth.

No, it’s not about family fortune. We have no material wealth except the wealth of family. The wealth of having parents and siblings who may be divided at times about some issues, but remain united about more. The richness of being around—to lift one up, to share feelings with, cry with, laugh with, and live with. The fortune of family, in times of trouble or or in times of triumph. Mahjong na!

Mothers ought to…

1. Be calm.

2. Be assertive.

3. Be responsible.

4. Be fair.

5. Be true.

6. Be open.

7. Be trusting.

8. Be smart.

9. Be kind.

And most of all…

10. Be there.

Has anyone considered writing as a life skill? Has anyone seen that writing can provide us a first step toward solving a problem?

Collecting your thoughts at the end of the day and writing them down helps you see clearly the clutter from the order. Your awareness is heightened by paying homage to your thoughts and feelings by writing them down.

Not the writing of the Reading-Writing-aRithmetic kind, the one required of us to learn when we were in school. But writing writing. The one that gives us the space to express, say what we want, send the message we want, greet, ask, request, command, direct, inform, and many more. All these can be seen in many forms–letters, memos, banners, posters, Facebook status, blogs, etc.

Letter-writing is the nearest to a life skill. Whether handwritten, emailed, or typed in Word and printed with desk jet, letters can provide us a first step toward problem-solving.

Here are some simple situations that make writing a life skill:

1.  Writing your landlord that you want to discontinue renting his apartment because security is an issue.

2. Writing to apply for a college scholarship, or to enroll to take up masters, or to apply for a job.

3.  Writing to ask for condonation of an interest on a loan.

4.  Writing to make amends with a friend who lives in a distant place.

5.  Writing a love letter.

Apart from bathing, writing should also be a life skill.

There is a great deal of life situations that need us to write. And that is probably the reason why we were taught composition in school–in Filipino or in English–in the first place. And that is probably the reason why not being able to write a decent paragraph when you are a high school or a college graduate is a dismay to the job interviewee or to a boss.

And why not? The person that you are can be seen from the words you put out, whether written or said.

Writing as a life skill does not mean one should become an expert at it but be able to do it like bathing or cooking or doing the laundry or managing money.

Writing is as essential as talking, the written word as important as the spoken word.

Writing as a step to solving a problem therefore is a life skill.