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bayang2_nana-copy1You should have a Bayang original, after all Google top search describes her as “one of Philippines’ most beautiful voices.” And aptly. Her latest album, Biyaya (Pilipino for grace), is again a showcase of her powerful but soothing voice, one that cradles you to wakefulness.

I wonder if you have Bayang originals that are not lyrics nor melodies. I do. They greet me with an assortment of colors and lusters. They perk me up when the wee hours at Conspiracy Garden Cafe start to set in, because these little originals begin to shine–when the spirit takes over–and lure me into getting one or more.

I am not referring to her music, but to her other passion–trinkets. Bayang assembles the most beautiful trinkets of wood, stones, steel, brass, and glass beads.


The pieces I got last night were gorgeous. I thought they would stand out in a black dress. But my daughter tells me later, these were perfect for a sleeveless white dress with a square neckline with matching brown leather sandals. We see differently, but this necklace and charm bracelet ensemble would fit any plain apparel, wouldn’t you agree?

Bayang’s original ornamental pieces are so uniquely fit together. Like painting, no two works are alike. So what you see here is mine and mine alone!

Her creations are painfully hard to resist when you see them at the entrance to the foyer of Conspiracy.

Did I hear you want to get some of these beautiful pieces? Pray that Bayang makes serious her little trinket-making occupation. Because I feel that she is just having fun stringing these colorful stones and calling them Mayumi, her first born.

Did I hear Bayang said she would? I hope she does take this hobby of hers to the next level.

Mayumi by Bayang Barrios are on display almost every night at the Conspiracy Garden Cafe on Visayas Avenue in Quezon City. Call +632 9206517 or +632 4532170 to confirm.

Enjoying both originals of Bayang.


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