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It’s not a wonder that love begets love.

I and my brood planned a dine out after Eagle Eye at Trinoma. Choosing where to eat has always been a tough job among my five children; five different likes. After going around the restaurant section of the mall, they finally had a decision. So, if they opted for California Pizza Kitchen, there must be something to it–the price first, and then the quality of food. Well, I actually made a comment that CPK food was okay and servings are hefty.

On a table for six lay six plates stack on top of one another, and six nicely tissue-wrapped forks and knife, on top of the top plate. What a neat way to present kubiertos, I told myself. And I just blurted out to my eldest artist-son, “I-drawing mo nga?” And so he did, but his mind was wandering off somewhere else that he didn’t like what he saw on the tissue turned drawing paper. Or I guess, his mood was to draw something or someone instead.

He turned to the waiters, and said he would draw their caricatures instead. And so he did, and I liked what I saw. A waiter and a waitress’ caricatures individually on CPK table napkin.

The chance I got to hand the waiter his caricature, I grabbed. He returned to the table to tell me the pizza couldn’t have spinach–they ran out–and asked if arugula was okay. And I said yes. And handed him his face. His response was immediate, looking at his face on the napkin yielded a big, ear-to-ear smile. What a sweet sight. I thought he was happy to know someone took a good look at his face and drew it.

When he tendered the bill, I think I heard him say, “Here is what I can give back.” He had a dessert on his hand and served it on the table. His gesture really surprised us. What a sweet thing to do, we said.

The artist-son made a quick look at the dessert menu and looked for what was served. “Oh, this is worth P300!”

There was no intention to get something in return for our gesture. We were just having fun. And drawing while waiting for the food to be served was just one of them, always the case when we dine out.

Truly, a gesture considered sweet would be reciprocated even sweeter.


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