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It’s a different feeling you get when you get what you want, especially this season!

The slippers I wanted were exactly what I got! Thanks to a sensitive “Mommy” who must have scoured through mounds of slippers in di-mahulugang karayom stores in super-crowded malls! In this season, everything is superlative, even the bumper-to-bumper roads, the lechon, the puyat, the beer!

tsinelas-copyIra, how cute my slippers are. They are exactly what I was imagining wearing. With the cute red dress it came in the gift bag, my attire for the holiday family gathering in Tarlac would be complete!

First time I have experienced writing down in a small piece for paper with my name on it what I wish for P300. I wrote: slippers with psychedelic print, ala 70’s flower generation, size 7. This was how Reggae Mistress did their Kris Kringle, which is a tradition of exchanging gifts in Pinoy’s celebration of Christmas. You know that Kriss Kringle is Santa Claus, right?

You can actually wish for anything for P300! My “baby” actually wished for a new cellphone. A new one for P300? Gosh, he must be dreaming…but he got what looked like a brand new mobile phone, because I have a brand new cellphone cover! Gotcha, Chong! Enjoy the sardines!

Lesson: always ask for a gift that you want and be very specific. Do not say: any thing. Say some thing.  Also one of the lessons I learned from a business networking group. Be very specific in what you ask for.

This Christmas, pray explicitly. Ask specifically. Give thanks definitely.

Happy holidays!


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