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Chanced upon Korinna Today’s 27 October 2008 episode on JocJoc Bolante–finally he is coming back to the country. Korinna’s question: “Will the Senate still go for the truth behind the fertilizer fund scam?”

My questions: Will he face the “P728 million” music? How does he confront it? Will he be arrested? Was the citation of contempt issued in 2005 still holds today?

Perhaps, just like any other observer, I have more questions than answers. Sorry, you have to listen to the audio recording I did of the show, specifically the segment on former Senator Franklin Drilon, who was also Senate President before he honored his agreement with Senator Manuel Villar on the “sharing.”

There were other personalities interviewed during the show, but I was particularly curious on the technicalities involved when it is the Senate that wants to ferret out the truth–in aid of legislation?

My other question is why didn’t the show interview the Senate President himself? Why talk to the former?

Nevertheless, here it is. Listen and learn…for just 7 minutes and 41 seconds.


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