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Do you know anything about Masbate? Anything at all?

I grew up in the city proper (the town proper before it was declared a city), on Quezon St., studied at Amancio Aguilar Elementary School for my 1st and 2nd grades; transferred to Jose Zurbito Elementary School for my 3rd-6th grades. Both are public schools, which by natural selection, would extend my schooling to Masbate High School, also a public school. Today it’s called Masbate Comprehensive National High School (MNCHS). But I left in 1977 and came to Manila to continue my 3rd and 4th high school years. Nevertheless, I am an adopted alumna–I learned as we prepare for our 30th homecoming in 2009. I am happy I am still in.

Every time I am caught in an exchange of pleasantries, home towns an inevitable topic, I would always be asked: “Anong meron sa Masbate?” (“What’s in Masbate?”). Tough question, for me who hardly visits, nor kept very good memories of my childhood there. Thankfully, now that our batch is coming together for a reunion, my classmates would be a good help to refresh them.

Today, however, I have decided to tell you about cheese, sausage, coffee, saud (Masbateno for flea market), and Fazenda de Ezperanca.

First: Did you know that we have mozzarella cheese made in Masbate? I bet you didn’t know that. Yummy. They are made by drug rehab patients in Fazenda de Ezperanca–bet you didn’t know this either! My childhood best friend Ofel gave me a block of it, thanks to her. It’s the freshest you can get since I have no doubt it is made from fresh cow’s milk. Small wonder because Masbate is cattle country of the Philippines!

And then there’s the sausage–also made by the hands that till the land in Fazenda. Great with the mozzarella! Yummy! Yummy!

And then there’s Masbate Buffalo arabica coffee–completes an afternoon snack.

Second: Every Friday and Saturday of the week, there is what we call a saud, or flea market, where you can get all these, plus many more: dried fish, rice, vegetables. Merchants gather round the capitol and sell their wares to people from as far as the Bicol towns and some foreigners who just want to pick up some mozzarella cheese!

(Original photos by Ofel. Thanks to Mr. Willem for the pose.)

Third: Fazenda de Ezperanca is truly inspiring. I can’t help but borrow a video upload of a 7-minute AVP from YouTube. Thanks to the original author. I am proud this drug rehabilitation center is located in my home province, and is doing wonders changing lives for the better–and giving us mozzarella and sausage!

Fourth: But certainly not the least, here is another video upload of an AVP on Masbate and all its undiscovered beauty, “The Hidden Beauty of Masbate, Philippines,” uploaded originally by ladyarchi.

What’s in Masbate? Now, I have some answers.


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