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An afternoon with Pampangos

People and places go together. Meeting them and visiting them add spice to my everyday working life. Thanks to my other hats as a lecturer and a “guest relations officer” or GRO!

I was in Pampanga early this week to talk about using multimedia in teaching. About 60 teachers of the Don Bosco Technical School were there, hopefully not bored with what I shared with them, and thankfully had fun actually playing a running game throughout the seminar called “A Bohol Getaway,” but that’s another story. Never mind–here’s how the game goes: bring a thing to Bohol and I will see if you can go with us. [The trick is you can go if you bring something that has a name that starts with the same letter as your name. ] They were actually quick to pick up the game.

To have a running game throughout a talk saves you and your audience from sleepiness [my talk was in the afternoon!]. It just does. But you have to be really sharp enough when and how to inject the game while you lecture.

I had much fun as they did, I think. Well, I thought they all had happy faces in this photograph.

Oh, and one more thing: always, always start your lecture with an expectation check. Doing so will help you tweak your talk a little bit. In my case, there was somewhat a miscommunication as the request they made was “use of multimedia in teaching” when in fact, they wanted to hear and learn “making multimedia.” I actually gave them a walk through on how to use Power Point to create their presentations. That basic.

Also, if you know a phrase or two in the dialect, endear them with a local hello or goodbye phrase. “Dakal salamat” ended my session. They were happy to know, I guess, that my mother hails from Bacolor, Pampanga. They felt at ease in an instant.

Well, the afternoon gave me a chance to pick some sisig in Aling Lucia’s Sisig at Clark Pampanga. It was authentic Kapampangan sisig, of course, not some sisig you get from bars in Manila that taste like fried bits of pork and liver than anything else. What makes sisig authentic? Pork is grilled first before it is mixed with the other ingredients as liver, brain [if available], onion, chili, etc.

And a chance to see Clark Pampanga too. But all SM Malls look the same. Perhaps provincial SM Malls should put more local stores. Thank goodness there was Aling Lucia’s Sisig. I didn’t find puto seko though.

Another afternoon well spent.


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