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Noel, Noel

What fortune you have if you catch Noel Cabangon all fired up, for whatever reason he would be, at Conspiracy Garden Cafe in Quezon City–he stays on stage two hours straight and goes back after a very brief break for another hour, his performance level high every note of every song, his lyrics and melodies stir up your slumbering spirit or relaxes your mind, and his voice teasingly wakes up the romantic in you.

I had the luck to foot a short video of his “Simpleng Tao,” telling us how people live simply, each one choosing how to live it, with tools of the trade included. My free N95 (I learned this is what you get from being loyal to a Globe line) did an amazing job with this raw footage–thanks too to the steady hands of my son, Buhawi.

This video upload has permission. I always make sure to get one because I am a firm believer of propriety.

Noel, Noel, what gift you have. And the loyalty and faith you give to your craft up to this day is equaled by the loyalty and faith of your audience, even more. Small wonder they troop there every Wednesday. Three Wednesdays of absence is long–your European trip must have given you that fire.

Mabuhay ka, Noel Cabangon!


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