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Death to Apathy

That’s what I felt today. I wish to feel the same way come 2010.


And where were you when Barack Obama put a death to apathy? I was in front of a projected TV screen, watching his victory unfold, state by state, electoral votes by electoral votes, in the company of people who are likewise hopeful about a “change” in our own country. I am hopeful, too.

I am not usually dramatic, but tears almost welled down my cheeks as I saw ordinary faces on the screen crying in jubilation, as if to say, “Change will come to this country.” I hope the same for my country.

As one young liberal here told me, if not in my lifetime or his, perhaps in the next lifetime. Most Americans did not expect this to happen in theirs, but it did. Obama could not be more right–theirs is a nation where everything is possible.

With death to apathy came Obama’s victory–he was destined to awaken the sleeping spirits, and awaken them stirringly he did. US08 is expected to shatter election records, news have it, as voting turnout approaching unprecedented figures.

Who will be our own Obama?


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