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Greatly Grateful

A body that serves me well. A mind that functions beyond expectations. A heart that beats with love. A spirit that moves with lightness. I am greatly grateful.

A brood of fine character. A home of decent comfort. An occupation of modest income. Relationships of good standing. I am greatly grateful.

This 45th year, I am particularly aware of the importance of expressing gratitude for all that I am, all that surround me, and all that occur within and without me. An attitude of gratitude is what I have learned to be of utmost relevance to a life that’s blessed, making it beget more blessings.

And today, I think of the people whom I have met in the past year. And I am particularly thankful to have been given the opportunity to meet and know them and establish friendships. I believe people are thrown your way for very specific purposes. That is why I have learned to do a Certain Way of meeting them: the warmest hello, the tightest handshake, the steadiest look, and the sincerest and most genuine interest to know them.

There may be more than 52 people I have newly met in the past year. A person to meet for the first time every week is a blessing, I believe. In them I must have known new and different ways to look at and do things. Their contributions to my life are an enrichment, adding so much value to it that it would not have been this way had I not met them at all.

To those I have met in the past year, and the years before it, I am greatly grateful, extremely thankful. (Applause)

plawer.jpgplawer-bak.jpgSpecial mention to the elementary grade teachers in Carmon, Cavite whom I met in Milagrosa Elementary School, the reason for posting this flower they cut out and used as a Thank You note to me, their dedication in front and their signatures at the back. They are really teachers of little children. Such creativity.  I hope to see you all again.


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