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This picture had been on my mind for as long as I can remember. In this, I was not a year old tomorrow, January 3, 1963, but barely three months old.


This is a four-generation photograph of my father’s family, the Santa Cruzes, including my late great grandmother, Lola Sela, [center, seated] in my grandmother’s side, the Licups and Maristelas.

Second from the left is my father, and beside him is my mother carrying me! This photograph, which is in the possession of one my aunts [leftmost, on the floor], is 46 years old, taken in the Santa Cruz home in Masbate by the lone Eclipse photography studio. We had better keep a digital file of this. Thanks, Aunt Anita!

I am the first-born granddaughter of one of Masbate’s more prominent physicians, the late Dr. Pablo “Pabling” Ferrer Santa Cruz, Sr., whose wife, the late Rigoberta “Ritzing” Licup Santa Cruz, was a pretty pharmacist, had a set of fingers that were so candle-like. Together they set up a medical clinic and a pharmacy on Quezon Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Masbate. I remember being there in the Farmacia Ritz in my elementary days, watching everyone tend to the customers–the medicines then had generic names, until medical representatives from Manila came to see my Lolo and leave tons and tons of “samples.” I also remember seeing patients come to my Lolo’s clinic, watching him treat them. Very vivid to me until now is the white, rectangular pot that he used to sterilize instruments including needles and scalpels and what have you. Tambay ako sa klinik niya noong bata pa ako.

I grew up in this big house, with my lone uncle and aunts, them taking turns in feeding me, or taking me to the movies, or just taking me along wherever they went. I remember the first tune I learned to sing as I was learning to play the guitar was “Can we stop and talk a while” by Jose Mari Chan, which was often sang by my Aunt Tita.

That Santa Cruz home on Quezon St brought me up, along with the good food, Santa Clause surprise visits, for-rent comic magazines which my Lolo was opposed to, even the spanking when I went home late from school.

There are more memories to tell, but for now, I am grateful for having born into this family. I always thought it was cool to be a Santa Cruz. And it is.

Happy New Year to all!


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