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Nose for Good Food

If you have five children who have become adults, feeding them can be pretty challenging especially if you have trained their palates to know what is good food and what is not. And my brood does not only have trained palates, they have trained noses, too! What smells good in the kitchen tastes probably even better.

Good food does not have to require elaborate ingredients, or complicated cooking. Take for example this one I cooked last night. It was “too good,” says my daughter, that dinner was too much of a simple dinner. It was more like dining in a restaurant.

It takes only 10 minutes to whip up Shrimp Satay with Spinach. And all you need are shrimps, satay sauce, native spinach, and the ever present garlic, onion, and ginger, and sili pang-sigang.

Allow me to leave it up to your imagination how to put the ingredients together!

I was brought up in a home that cooked good food. There were no processed food on my mother’s table, except for the Masbate longganisa made by the town’s popular lonnganisa maker, Tia Kaykay.

Breakfast items such as tapa, tocino, longganisa were all home-made, prepared just in time for a meal, without using any preservatives or extenders or food colorings.

I somehow carried the tradition with me, putting on my dining table dishes that would properly nourish my children, while liking them, too.

And now that they’re grown ups, they know what is good food, and safe ones. No instant noodles, microwave cakes, instant this and that. Manufactured foods are somehow scary, they now know.

And perhaps when they have their own children, who will be my apos, I hope they carry the tradition, too.

My mother used to make candied kalabasa for dessert. Have you tried it?


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